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Our online resource shop offers a variety of other useful learning tools for parents, adults and teachers, including:

Memory Games

  • Brainbox - Why not try the Brainbox Games, these engaging games help children to improve their observation and memory skills; subjects range from Roald Dahl to Vile Villains.
  • Memory Booster - For ages 4 - 11 this stimulating game will help develop your child's verbal and visual memory skills. The game is presented in the form of an adventure game which uses attractive and humorous graphics which will help keep children motivated and engaged.

Literacy Games

  • Spelligator - this exciting word building game teaches phonemic (unit of sound) awareness, letter patterns and positioning.  It is recommended for ages 5 - adult making it an ideal game for all the family to play. 
  • Smart Chute - This simple but effective card flipper is a fun way to develop literacy (and numeracy) skills. The student posts the card in the Smart Chute and answers the question (such as initial sound for turtle) and the correct answer then miraculously appears at the bottom. There are a wide range of cards available from initial sounds to apostrophe cards to subtraction. (Please note: the cards are sold separately.)
  • Super Spelling Board Games - Have fun while you learn with these engaging word games: spin the spinner, read the rule, sound out your word and spell it correctly to place a counter on the grid. Covering six areas of spelling they are an ideal addition to your compendium of games.

Numeracy Games

  • Ulti - An enjoyable way of getting to grips with multiplication using play, this game for 2 - 4 players will also help with socialising, learning colours and coordination.
  • Numbershark - Why not try this motivating computer game that teaches and reinforces numeracy and improves the understanding and use of numbers. Many of the games give a visual idea of what is happening when you add, subtract, multiply or divide which is ideal for those students with dyslexia or dyscalculia.  Numbershark is suitable for ages 6 to 15; most games are suitable for all ages however there are a few games that are more suited to the younger child.
  • Tell the Time Lotto - Play this fun game and help your child develop an understanding of matching the time on a clock face to the time on a digital clock, time shown as am and pm and time shown in words.


Did you know?

Assistive technologies help with everyday literacy and organisation tasks from reading or writing to planning or making calculations.

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