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Organisation: 1. Why is organisation so important?

1. Why is organisation so important?

People with dyslexia don’t just have issues with reading and writing. Very often, they also have trouble keeping organised. There are several reasons:

  • Reading issues make it more difficult to understand written instructions
  • Working term memory issues may affect long sequences of commands
  • Writing issues make taking notes more difficult and slow
  • Dyslexia often co-occurs with other difficulties like coordination or attention issues
  • Coordination and attention issues can lead to simple but disabling issues like losing notes or forgetting to bring calendar

Organisation is one of the first things technology can help with. For example:

  • Online calendars synced across computer and mobile phone
  • To Do lists with reminders and colour codes
  • Note taking with audio that is immediately backed up (notes are not lost)
  • Organising files into logical systems (better than stacks of paper)

Smartphones and tablets connected to the internet are a revolutionary step up for people with cognitive difficulties. 

Alex’s Story

Alexandria achieved higher levels in her SATs tests thanks to one-to-one tutoring with Dyslexia Action. Alex, 11, from Coalpit Heath, is not severely dyslexic but her mum realised something was wrong when she noticed a difference in her reading ability, compared to her older siblings when they were her age.

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