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Englishtype is a touch typing tutor for children and adults. Learning to touch type can significantly improve both quantity & quality of written work.

Developed especially for the UK Curriculum by an Educational Psychologist, Englishtype:

  • Boosts literacy at the same time as teaching typing, improving reading, spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Uses a carefully structured vocabulary
  • Uses high frequency words and National Literacy Strategy word lists
  • Doesn’t use nonsense words 

It also has a number of dyslexia friendly design features:

  • Strong multi-sensory design
  • Unique colour coding system of keys & fingers
  • Both written & spoken instructions
  • Visually simple & uncluttered presentation

How do I purchase it?

English Type is available via our online resources shop.

What other support is available to help with touch typing?

A number of our Learning Centres offer short skills courses on the subject of Touch Typing. Find out more.


Did you know?

The more you read, the easier it becomes. But for those who struggle with words, reading is not always fun, and it's easy to lose heart and stop trying. That's why Dyslexia Action has teamed up with Barrington Stoke to create a book guide designed to give you ideas of books that might appeal to dyslexic and reluctant young readers.