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The more you read, the easier it becomes; but for those who struggle with words, reading will not be a source of fun, and it is easy to become disheartened and unwilling to keep trying. 

The DIY Readers’ Support Pack, helps parents to support their children in learning to read. The pack is suitable for children who are beginning to learn to read and those who also need additional help. It takes into account extensive research about the best way to support children who struggle from the very beginning to ‘catching on’ with reading. 

What does the DIY Readers’ Support Pack offer?

  • Early skills training – a series of structured exercises to establish sound to letter links and early sound blending
  • Reading activities – a range of activities for practicing and extending reading skills using books from home and school

What’s in the DIY Readers’ Support Pack?

  • A 52-page booklet containing a series of carefully prepared timed exercises and activities together with guidance for parents and/or carers.  
  • A 25 minute DVD explaining how to use it
  • 144 (64 x 51mm) cards made up of a Picture Alphabet card pack (26 cards), a Lower Case Alphabet card pack (26 cards), an Upper Case Alphabet card pack (26 cards), a Vowel card pack (6 cards), Days of the Week card pack (7 cards), Months of the Year card pack (12 cards) and Short Word Endings card pack (41 cards)
  • A stopwatch

How do I purchase it?

The DIY Readers’ Support Pack is available via our online resources shop; telephone 01784 222339.

Did you know?

DIY Readers' Support Pack.