Please note that Dyslexia Action the charity (Dyslexia Institute Ltd) went into administration on 13 April 2017 and all centres offering advice, assessment and tuition were closed. 
RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were appointed as administrators. Please contact RSM with any queries regarding business with the charity prior to this date. Tel: 0203 201 8000.

If you are seeking advice, tuition or assessment for yourself or your child, please download our guide below which provides further information and useful links:

Download our useful guide for Finding out more about Dyslexia

© Dyslexia Action is a trading  name of  Real Group Ltd and continue to offer the following services:

Dyslexia Action Shop Provides resources and materials for parents, carers, teachers and teaching assistants.

Dyslexia Action Training Provides online training courses for teachers, teaching assistants and support tutors.

Dyslexia Guild Is the professional membership organisation for specialist teachers and assessors and support tutors. Find a tutor or assessor, search our Guild Members directory