Who are our online courses suitable for?

All of our courses are online and appropriate for International participants. We offer a virtual learning environment and online tutor support. We have courses that are suitable for all of the following educators:

  • Teachers
  • Assessors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Instructors
  • Tutors
  • Learning Support Staff
  • Lecturers

CPD Pathway Level 4/5

The programme pathway offers full flexibility to enable you to study online at a pace to suit you, you can study either units or awards which can then be combined to achieve a DACRT57 or DACRT56 (if you are working with adults). You can then move onto our Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Teaching Support for Dyslexia and Literacy (DADIP55).

    Please note the CPD programme replaces the former Dyslexia Action Hornsby: Alpha to Omega course.

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    Postgraduate Programme Level 7

    The Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Certificates and Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy are a unique and prestigious programme at Level 7 (Master's level) that provides the training for qualified professionals to become informed practitioners and specialist teachers and/or assessors of Dyslexia/SpLD.

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    Specialist CPD Courses

    Our Specialist CPD Programme is designed for those who are already qualified SpLD teachers and assessors, and will help you to stay at the forefront of all information in the field and have access to the latest resources.

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    Our CPD programme and its Units are accredited by The CPD Standards Office:

    Accredited by The CPD Standards Office



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