Dyslexia Action is now solely a training provider and no longer provides advice, tuition and assessments.

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Dyslexia Action is now solely a training provider and no longer provides advice, tuition and assessments.
The guide below provides information for individuals, parents and employers who wish to find out more about Dyslexia and SpLD.  The guide also signposts useful sources of information for those wishing to support individuals with Dyslexia/SpLD. This information is not comprehensive but aims to provide signposts to many of the useful resources available. 

PDF icon Finding out more about Dyslexia

Dyslexia Action Shop Provides resources and materials for parents, carers, teachers and teaching assistants.

Dyslexia Action Training Provides online training courses for teachers, teaching assistants and support tutors.

Dyslexia Guild Is the professional membership organisation for specialist teachers and assessors and support tutors. Find a tutor or assessor, search our Guild Members directory

Please note that Dyslexia Action the charity (Dyslexia Institute Ltd) went into administration on 13 April 2017 and all centres were closed.  RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were appointed as administrators. Please contact RSM with any queries regarding business with the charity prior to this date. Tel: 0203 201 8000.


Useful learning tools

Learning tools are something that you can purchase to help you or your child at home.

Assistive technologies

These help with everyday literacy and organisation tasks from reading or writing to planning or making calculations.

Support at school

Find out about the type of support available at school.

Support at college and university

Find out about what support is available for students and how to access it.

Support at work or when seeking work

On these pages we outline what steps you can take towards getting the right support.

Personal stories

Read real life stories and learn how people cope with the difficulties they face as a result of their dyslexia.

Support groups

Find a support group in your local area.

Encouraging reading

Here we look at useful resources to help encourage reading.

Films about dyslexia

Watch six animated films made for us by animation students.


Through our project work we aim to offer free support and help, find out more.