Who is this Course Suitable for?

This online course is suitable for qualified specialist teachers who are qualified at Level 7 as specialist dyslexia/SpLD teachers and have previously trained in the Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme or Alpha to Omega or other specialist teaching programmes.

Why do this course?

The DALP Standard Strands Specialist User (DALPSU12) online course introduces specialist teachers to the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP) and reviews current research on the development of literacy skills through the promotion of independence in language learning. DALP has been developed over the past four years by the Postgraduate tutor team at Dyslexia Action and in response to the need for a literacy training programme that, through individual placement identification, provides a flexible pathway to accommodate each learner’s literacy profile.

What can I expect from the course?

The course will give experienced practitioners an insight into how the DALP programme works and illustrate how it is designed to support literacy development

This is a ‘self-reflective’ course that focuses on the professional development of participants – there is no end-of-course assignment. A reflective evaluation must be completed and submitted at the end of the course if the participant wishes to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please note that this course does not train teachers as dyslexia/SpLD specialists or involve a teaching practicum; this training is covered in the Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Programme.

About the course

Unit one of this course introduces the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme and its Placement Process, focusing on the rationale for DALP, the placement process and the phonemic learning points. It will show how to place a learner on the programme and, in principle,, how the other DALP strands can be used to tackle different dimensions of literacy. It only provides a basic introduction to the other DALP strands. Demonstrates how DALP can enable the practitioner to further extend their reach by breaking down learners’ literacy-related difficulties into separate performance dimensions.

Unit 2 of this course introduces the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme’s Literacy Strands.  It focuses on the non-phonemic strands of the programme and how these can be used to tackle different dimensions of literacy in detail. It will provide full details of the learning points, sets of resources and the whole structure of the strand.

Learning Outcomes - the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of literacy
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to use a structured multisensory literacy programme to plan the strategic support of learners with literacy-related difficulties
  • Demonstrate understanding of how the different strands of a literacy programme fit together to support learners with literacy-related difficulties
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the role of morphology in literacy-related performance
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to use a structured multisensory literacy programme to plan the strategic support of learners with specific

Entry requirements

This continuing development course is part of a Level 7 specialist teacher development program and therefore participants must have already qualified as specialist SpLD teachers at Level 7.  Suitable qualifying courses include:

  • Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma qualification in Dyslexia and Literacy (University of York)¹
  • Dyslexia Institute Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma qualifications
  • Hornsby Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching
  • Those who have previously studied Dyselxia Action Alpha to Omega to course
  • Other BDA Accredited Postgraduate Specialist Teaching qualifications

¹Middlesex Accredited Postgraduate programme students/graduates please contact us directly and before applying

Individuals who do not meet this criteria but are interested in DALP may apply to our Level 5 Certificate in Strategic Teaching Support course (DACRT60) click here for further information.

Important information

  • The course will require a minimum of 60 hours of study online (via moodle VLE) and the completion of reflective evaluation documents
  • Courses run over a period of 14-16 weeks commencing May July, September and January 
  • Free 2 week online induction before the course
  • Tutor support throughout the duration of the induction and unit
  • No pre-reading is necessary however participants will be expected to be familiar with one or more specialist literacy training programmes
  • A Dyslexia Action attendance certificate will be issued to all participants who complete the reflective evaluations


Please read the documents below which provide full details including entry requirements, courses on offer and other important information you may need before applying


"The extent and meticulous detail that has gone into the DALP strands is astounding - such valuable documents for us as tutors."

"DALP unpicks the complexities of literacy development with extraordinary clarity and gives us the means to help our learners work incrementally through each strand of learning to master the skill."

"I have read through the strands and I am so excited about working my way through the very structured programme. I can see each learning point will give my tutoring much more depth with a wealth of resources to use."


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£520 (plus VAT) for Dyslexia Action Guild members

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