Abagail was assessed by Dyslexia Action when she was 7 years old. She is now 12 and has been having lessons at Dyslexia Action Nottingham, since she was diagnosed.

“When I was assessed, and they told me I was dyslexic, I felt like it was something new; a new thing that been made up, because no one had told me about dyslexia before.

It makes me cry sometimes when I think how low down I was and now I am up there with the best; it was just so frustrating because I knew I could do it. If you feel like are not coping with reading then you should tell someone and be confident; there is nothing to be ashamed of.” - Abagail

“Abagail was so withdrawn. Dyslexia is not just reading and it was really affecting her. People do not understand the memory side either.

She became happier and brighter once we came to Dyslexia Action; it just needs someone to detect it and if they are not qualified then how can they help children like Abagail? It’s important; she has come from nowhere and is achieving now; she is the one that is teaching the other children now.” - Anita (Abagail’s mum)